Thursday, September 6, 2007

My plans for the MS-150

The MS-150 is this weekend in Columbia MO and I am planning on riding in it. Last year I did the century route both days. This year I decided to up the ante a bit. I am taking Friday and Monday off so that I can ride to and from the event.

My plan is:
Friday: Ride to Columbia (160 miles)
Saturday: Ride the century route (100 miles)
Sunday: Ride the century route and part of the way home (130 miles)
Monday: Ride the rest of the way home (130 miles)

I will be camping in Columbia so I will be bringing my tent, sleeping bag, and clothes with me on the bike.

The toughest part of the ride is going to be Friday. The weather is expected to include a nasty headwind and 60% chance of rain. It is also the longest day and I don't really have a good bail-out plan. On Saturday and Sunday I will have SAG support. On Monday, I can always call my wife to bring me the rest of the way home.

Of course, this will give me extra motivation to finish. I am going to try and leave by 4 am on Friday and get to Columbia around 6 pm. Even getting there by 8 wouldn't be too bad.

Wish me luck.