Saturday, January 16, 2010

How to make your bike feel faster

Because of the snow, I didn't ride for several days. I finally rode this past Tuesday. Since I was a little worried about the roads I decided to ride my old bike (the hybrid) instead of my road bike. That turned out to be unnecessary because the roads were okay. After I got to the office, I knocked the headlight off my bike and broke it. I guess I did not snap it into the mount when I moved it from the other bike. I didn't want to ride home without a headlight so Zac gave me a ride.

After that, I went to Maplewood Bicycle and bought a new light. It is a NiteRider MiNewt 200 and it is significantly brighter than my old light. I was very impressed when I rode home on Wednesday night.

I was back on the road bike on Thursday. After riding the hybrid the road bike felt incredibly light. That, and the warmer weather made me feel like pushing harder and riding faster than usual. I don't have stats on my ride because I've been having a problem with the mount for the bike computer. I ordered a new mount but I don't have it yet.