Sunday, July 3, 2011

Equipment problems

Last week I decided to go on a group ride with some people from the St. Louis bicycling group on Unfortunately I hit a pothole and got a flat on my way to the start. I put on my spare tube but I broke the valve stem while inflating it. This meant that I had to call Helen to pick me up.

On Friday, I had a spoke break while riding home from work. The rear wheel was rubbing the frame so there was no thought of continuing my ride. Helen had to pick me up again.

I haven't had to call for a rescue for quite a while and no I've done it twice in a week. I hope that this takes care of my quota for a while.

On the bright side, Maplewood Bicycle was able to fix the wheel while I waited on Saturday morning. I was expecting to have to leave it for a few days.