Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Moving to a rental house

This weekend we will be moving into a rental house. We will be there for at least 4 months. The hotel is nice but it seems like it gets a little bit smaller everyday. We've been in a hotel for three and a half weeks now.

The insurance company hired another company to find us temporary housing. They arranged for the hotel and started looking for a rental house. Our original plan was to let them look and they would send us what they found. Helen got a little impatient and started looking on Zillow and we forwarded what we found to them check on the details.

After forwarding one house to them we went and looked at it. Helen and Rachel both thought it smelled funny and we all thought it was too small. They insurance company gave us a little grief when we turned it down because they said it was comparable to out house. I told them that while they owner claimed it was 1500 square feet, it was much smaller. In fact, the city records said 1100 square feet.

After that,  I just started calling the landlords directly. We went and looked at two houses on Sunday. We forwarded the information to the housing company once we decided that we liked them. Only one of them was willing to do a short term lease so that is where we will be staying.

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