Saturday, October 8, 2016

Still Lucky

On Thursday, we changed hotels. The Residence Inn in Richmond Heights was nice, but the floor plan did not work well for us. The second bedroom was a loft so light and noise from the kitchen and living room would reach you.

Helen was very sick on the day that we moved. She called in sick for the second time in 4 years.

Now we are at the downtown Residence Inn. The layout is much better. The bedrooms are on opposite sides of the living room. Both bedrooms have actual doors. On the day we moved in, there was a leak in the kitchen sink. I called to the front desk and they had a maintenance worker there in about 5 minutes. He ended up replacing the garbage disposal.

On Friday, we got the dogs from the kennel. They have never stayed in a hotel before so there may be an adjustment period. No accidents so far!

Through all of this I am reminded how lucky we are. Insurance is paying for the hotel and will pay for a rental house once we find one. They will also be paying for the damage to the house and to clean or replace the contents of the house. My son's school offered to provide him with new clothes to replace what he lost (we turned that offer down so they can use that money for someone who really needs it).

A friend of mine used to be a firefighter. When I told him about the number of doors and windows that the firefighters had to break, he told me that when they worked a fire in the poorer areas, their chief would yell at them if they broke windows unnecessarily. he knew that a lot of people did not have insurance and doing too much damage could make them homeless.

All of my problems are first world problems. I've always considered myself lucky and the fire didn't change that. Nobody was hurt. No animals were hurt. We have insurance. There have been and will continue to be annoyances, but no tragedies.

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